all packages are in 2d, 3d, and 4d imaging

Gender package $45

( we start at 12 Weeks for this package ) 2 color pics ,2 b/w heatbeat and Gender determination can add dvd recording of session for 10$ entire scan is approx 10 min

(packages below are recomended for mothers who a 28-32 WEEKS along and above)

mid package $80

8 color pics on 2 page sheets 8 Black and whites, gender determination Baby's heartbeat approx 15 min DVD recording of entire session

Next step $95

best value 12 Color pics on 3 pages 12 black and white prints, photo CD -Rom gender determination, baby's heart beat, DVD recording of entire 20 min session for you and your family

Last but not least $120

14 color pictures on 4 pages 16 black and whites, Photo CD-Rom, DVD of entire session, gender determination, baby's heartbeat recording, 25 min session for your and family to enjoy.

live online streaming coming soon

How do i prepare for my ultrasound? Please do not eat 1 hour prior to your ultrasound, eating may cause the baby to fall asleep in a possition hidden away from the ultrasound probe making it hard or impossible to discover gender.
If you are NOT Diabetic please bring in a large glass of Orange Juice or Lemonade, and sour skittles to eat and drink in office, while filling out your paperwork. If you ARE Diabetic please bring a large glass of ice water to your scan to drink in the office while filing out your paper work What to wear for the scan? please DO NOT wear a dress, please wear clothes that separate at the tummy, like sweatpants and a shirt.